Which is the best Soup Maker for making delicious home-made soup

How to choose a soup maker

Use a soup maker to make a lovely bowl of soup
Thank you for visiting What Soup Maker, we have  information and reviews of some of the best products to help you to make delicious fresh wholesome home-made soup with very little effort, a great way to increase your family’s vegetable consumption and create simple and healthy meals without having to grab the tin opener ever again.

Whether your looking for an all in one appliance that you just add ingredients and let the machine make the soup for you or a simple jug blender to blend your cooked ingredients into smooth and creamy soup or how about a slow cooker that you can leave to cook your soup while your out or at work I’m sure you will find what your looking for on this site.

How do you like to cook yours

When your feeling hungry and you fancy a bowl of delicious hot soup there are several options available to you.

Lets start by exploring the ways you can enjoy soup.

Tinned Soup: Firstly there is the convenient option where you go to the shop and buy a tin of soup, take off the lid using a can opener and pour the contents into a pan to heat or even pour it into a bowl and put it into a microwave to heat.

The problem tins is that they are full of salts and preservatives so you’re not really sure what you’re getting unless you carefully read the ingredients label on the back, also you’re limited to the flavours on offer, on the plus side they are very quick and easy to use.

Packet Soup: Another option is the packet soup where you just pour boiling water onto the contents, stir and you’re ready to eat, again what you are getting is dried out ingredients that you’re not sure what is in them but again like the tins they are very simple and convenient to use and great for taking to work.

Traditional Soup: The third option is to make your soup yourself using pots and pans a blender and a hob, this is the best way to make soup. You know the ingredients that you are using will be fresh, nutritious with no added unhealthy preservatives and salts and best of all will be of your choosing, on the down side for most people it does take longer to make a lot of fuss for such a simple meal and you do have a lot more washing up to do. While this is Ok to make every now and then most people don’t bother due to the amount of effort it takes. Having said that home-made soup is by far much better than pre packed soup.

Other Options: In between these options sits the electric soup maker, it is quick and easy to use has less washing up and you can make your own healthy soup with fresh ingredients of your choice. You simply add the ingredients that you have chosen, press a button and sit back and relax whilst the machine does all the cooking. When your soup is cooked pour it into a bowl of your favourite mug and enjoy. Soup has never been so easy or quick to make.

Soup Making machines

If you love to make soup and are looking for an easy option you’re going to love using one of these electric soup machines, its the kitchen appliance that once used you will never want to go back to the shop bought tins that you used to buy.

If you fancy making fresh tasty steaming hot soups with the minimum amount of fuss in as little as 15 minutes then you should consider buying a soup maker.

Its fast, convenient and you can make a traditional satisfying and comforting meal every time, in fact electric soup makers are also very versatile blenders that not only creates piping hot soup but can be used to make cold smoothies, sauces or dressings in a mater of minutes, some can even crush ice.

Great for all year round use although you cant beat a steaming hot bowl of soup on a cold dark winters day.

No more saucepans. You are free to choose which fresh ingredients you need to create your own delicious healthy home-made soup and you can experiment with all sorts of combinations of vegetables and meats to make some very unique flavours to your own individual taste.

Simple add your fresh ingredients and let the machine do the rest. You can also decide how chunky or smooth you would like your soup to be with just a touch of a button.

Soup is a very healthy meal by itself or as a starter for your main meal but which ever way you have it you cant beat being home-made.

No more worrying about soup boiling over onto your cooker/hob making a mess and you have less washing up to do.

Which type to buy.

So you fancy buying one but not sure which one to buy. In reality there are three types that you can purchase.


Cuisinart SSB1U Soup MakerThe first type has a hot plate on the bottom of the jug which is used for sautéing.

The way I see it is the best selling Cuisinart and the Warring are almost identical and now they are joined by the Breville.

These all work in more or less the same way, you add the ingredients that need to be sautéed first, using the stir button to stop any burning.

You then add your chopped ingredients of your choice and your stock, bring to boil and then simmer until fully cooked.

Finally blend to your desired consistency either chunky or smooth or anything in between.

Your soup is ready to be served in under 30 minutes. These machines are not only for making soup but can also be used as a traditional blender for cold ingredients such as smoothies.

Watch a professional chef make soup with the Warring soup maker

Morphy Richards 48822 soup makerThe next is what I like to call the kettle type simply because it looks like a big kettle, these include the best selling Morphy Richards and the Prolectix.

They use a mixing paddle that is fixed to the lid which does all the blending, a heating element in the base is there to heat the soup but unfortunately because the sides are solid and not clear you can’t see inside as the soup cooks.

You simple add all your ingredients into the jug and choose the desired setting for smooth or chunky soup, press the button and in as little as 15 minutes your soup is ready.

You do need to use the minimum and maximum levels on the kettle to make sure you have the right amount of ingredients and fluid in your soup maker. These can also be used for blending cold ingredients for such things as smoothies and purées.

Watch the short video bellow to see how they work

Andrew James Automatic Multifunctional 7 in 1 Soup Maker MachineThe last type looks just like a normal blender.

These do the same job as a jug blender but with the added feature of a heated element that heats the ingredients but no hot plate for sautéing.

There are plenty available for you to choose from with the Andrew James 7 in 1 being the best seller in this category.

All the machines will cook your soup in under 30 minutes with no need for pots and pans as the ingredients are cooked in the respective jug that you then use to pour straight into a bowl or mug of your choice making life a lot easier and less washing up.

You can get up to six servings but are more likely to get about four which should be ample for the average family.

The beauty of the soup maker is once you have added the ingredients of your choice the machine does all the work for you.

They can be kept on your worktop or if space is limited or you don’t like leaving your appliances on show you can store them neatly in a cupboard.

Check out the Andrew James 7-in-1

Other factors to look at

If your thinking of buying one of these appliances to use in your kitchen there are a few things to think about before you purchase one.

Features: The first thing to decide is whether you want an appliance just for making soup or do you want multi purpose appliance that can do so much more. Some of these appliance can do diverse things such as crush ice, grind coffee and even steam vegetables on the other end is appliances dedicated to just making soup with maybe a blend feature that can be used for non soup making activates.

Capacity: Typically most of these appliances will make about 4 bowls of soup at a time but there are some that that have the capacity to make 6 bowls which would be a better buy for a larger family, don’t forget soup can be frozen so if you make to much on purpose or by mistake put it in a sealed container and freeze it ready for another day.

Price: When it comes to price you should consider making a budget and try and stick to it. When looking at buying one of these products you will notice the difference in price from the cheapest to the more expensive, this is something that you have to way up with which features you would like and the money you would like to spend.


Recipe Books

There are plenty of recipe books for soups that you can use with your machine, they might have inspirational recipes you would never had thought about, so be adventures and impress your family and friends with your new found skills.

You will find different types of blenders to suit all tastes and budgets on this website, so feel free to browse our pages for impartial information and reviews of some of the best selling soup makers on the market today.

We aim to make buying these great machines easy and a real pleasure.

Soup making the traditional way.

Breville VHB060 400 W Black Hand Blender SetIf you prefer to make your soup in the traditional way with pots and pans then we haven’t forgotten you and you could consider buying a hand blender.

These small hand blenders are great for blending your soup in the pan, they are very easy to use and simple to clean.

You can buy them as a stand alone unit or you can buy a complete package that comes with some great accessories such as chopping machines like the best selling Russell Hobbs 3 in 1


Philips HR216050 Blender with Pulse and Ice Crush

Also available is the jug blender were you blend your ingredients in the jug on top of the unit.

Although these are used to blend cooked ingredients and not to cook ingredients like a soup maker they do make life a lot easier when used to get a smooth consistency for your soup.

These can also be used for all your blending and smoothie making. There are plenty of great machines available which you can check out in our reviews

Slow cookers.

The slow cooker is a great way to cook soup and stews.

Morphy Richards 48710 Oval Slow Cooker 3.5 LitresThe idea is to cook on a low heat throughout the day letting you get on with other things.

You can prepare the meal the night before and as you leave to go to work in the morning you can set the slow cooker.

When you arrive home from work in the evening you will have a perfectly cooked piping hot meal ready to be served. Various sizes are available from small up to large family sizes.

Winter is now upon us and the dark cold nights are here, so now is the time to find a great recipe you like and cook your delicious home-made soup, fill up a bowl or even better a mug, then sit back relax and enjoy it piping hot and feel it warm you through as you curl up in your favourite chair, I love winter.

Thank you for visiting our website and if you are looking to buy a soup maker we hope you find the information very useful and most of all help you to decide which one you would like to purchase.