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Cuisinart vs Waring

This is going to be a very interesting review between the Cuisinart soup maker and the Waring soup maker. I’m not going to explain how they work as you can read the reviews on this website to find that information. What i am going to try and do is compare the two machines to find out the differences and which one to buy. Looking at both soup makers side by side they do look slightly different but at the same time very much alike. There could be a reason why they look so similar which i will explain below.

Both are made by the same parent company which is Conair or you may know it as Babyliss so its quite possible that they are the same machine but package differently with subtle styling changes. I’m not saying they are the same as I’m not 100% sure but they do look and perform very similar.

Both have identical jugs with the same 1.75ltr capacity and the lids look the same as well. Both have the same controls which consists of an on/off button stir function and a rotary blender control. Both have the same LED control panel stainless steel blades and a 1000watt motor.

Both have a hot plate that you use to saute and you make soup identically in each one in the same amount of time with the great results. So there is not a lot of difference between the two of them if indeed they are differant.

So how do you decide which one to buy.

This is a tough one as they are both excellent soup makers and its hard to separate them, the Cuisinart soup maker has a lot more reviews on Amazon with just over 4 stars whilst the Waring soup maker has less reviews but still has 4 stars. So you can read the various reviews which might help you to make up your mind or it could be that you prefer the styling of one or the other but there is one more thing you should think about and that is the price. The Cuisinart is usually more expensive than the Waring but prices can change all the time so check them out before you buy.

Myself i like to go on which is the best seller unless you can get the same quality with good reviews at a much cheaper price. These soup makers are too close to call but i think the Cuisinart just has it for me although it is slightly more expensive than the Waring but that doesn’t mean its better it’s just because that its got more reviews from happy customers then that is enough for me to part with my hard earned cash.

How do you make your soup

Cooking soup.

Soup has been around for as long as there has been cooking utensils such as pots and pans that could hold hot liquids without breaking. The idea of adding ingredients to a big pot to create a simple nutritious and filling meal that can be enjoyed by the rich as well as the poor is not new. Although the idea of making soup is the same the way you cook it has changed over the years. In the early days it was cooked over an open fire but now there are various ways that you can cook your soup.

The traditionalist still cook using pots and pans but now its not over an open fire but on a gas/electric hob or in a slow cooker. For chunky soup you cook your ingredients and serve directly from the pan but if you fancy a smooth soup you need to blend the ingredients. To blend you can use a hand blender sometimes known as a stick blender that you put straight into the pan or you can use a jug blender that the ingredients need to be placed into a jug. There is another way and that is to use a purpose built kitchen appliance where you add all your vegetables and stock into a soup maker and let the machine do the rest.

Recipe books.

Do you love to get soup recipes from cookbooks and if so are you a stickler for following the recipe to the letter or do you like to experiment with different ingredients. There are plenty of recipe books available for you to choose from and there are specialist books just for soup. Plenty of the top celebrity chefs have published recipe books with a section for soups included.

Grandma’s recipe.

Recipes from Grandma have been around for years and are handed down through the generations. That secret ingredient that no one must know about being carefully guarded and only you closest family being intrusted with its safe keeping. The trouble is these recipes have probable been changed over the years as they get added to with everyone’s personal touch. Do you have a Grandma recipe that has been handed down to you?


Are you the sort of person who loves to experiment with ingredients and just make it up as you go along. Some of the best recipes are made by doing this but you need to write it all down or the next time you go to make it you’ll never get the same result and that could be really annoying if you make a a superb soup but can’t remember how you did it.

Scraps and all-sorts.

This is my favorite, you simple look in your fridge and cupboards to see what you have and trow it all into the pot and see what you get. This is great for using up all your leftovers and can bring some surprising results. Soups are so diverse that you can use just about anything.

You may be the sort of person who does all of the above or you might just stick with the one you know best, whichever way you make you’re soup you know you are making a wholesome homemade healthy meal for you and your family to enjoy.


Whats the differance between soup and stew

Is stew a thick soup or is soup a thin stew? In reality they there is not much difference between soup and stews. They both use the same ingredients, in fact i would say that the only difference between the two is that soup it more of a liquid than a stew which is a lot thicker. Think of it this way, if you had a plate you would be able to serve a stew up without it pouring over the edge because of the fact its so thick but try this with soup and you would end up with a right mess as it spilled over the edges and onto the table because its so thin although they both came out of the same pot.

Having said all that i have seen recipes for soups that are really thick and stews that are really runny. So how do we define which is which, well a stew is by its own definition is stewed/cooked for a longer period of time than a soup which can be made very quickly depending on the recipe.

Another way of distinguishing between the two are the size of the ingredients with soups usually have smaller bite sized vegetables/meat that can be eaten with a spoon while stews have much larger sized vegetables/meat needing a knife and fork to cut it up before eating.

Soups can be eaten hot or cold and in some cases can be served as a dessert while stews are always eaten hot. Soups are often served as a starter or side dish although you can have it as a main dish while stews are always served as a main dish.

They are both hearty meals in their own right but a stew is more filling while a soup could be considered a lighter meal. So the answer to the question ”  Whats the difference between soup and stew” its simple, its all down to the way you cook the ingredients.