Can this VonShef kettle style soup maker compete with the rest

Soup makers come in a few different designs and this VonShef soup maker is what i call a kettle design which a lot of manufactures seem to favour.

This makes it a very easy way to create fresh and healthy home-made soup or even smoothies and the best thing is you control what goes into your food.

In just 25 minutes the VonShef soup maker will blend and cook your vegetables into delicious piping hot soup.

You can choose the consistency of the finish soup either smooth or chunky or you can use the blend button to get it just right.

Unfortunately if you want to use meat in your soup recipe you will have to cook it separately as this machine will not cook raw meat.

Maximum capacity is 1.6 litres which can make up to 6 servings. There is a minimum of 1.3 litres so if your just making for one you will have a lot of soup left over which can be frozen.

You can also make smoothies, cocktails, slushies, milkshakes, and juices its even powerful enough to crush ice.

Simple to use: Just prepare and chop your vegetables and any other ingredients and throw into the jug, add stock and seasoning.

Select the consistency that you fancy and and turn on, you can now go and do something else while it cooks, come back in about 25 minutes and your ready to serve and enjoy.

Although its large enough to cook soup for up to 6 people its small enough to store in a cupboard if you don’t want to leave it on show

It comes with an overflow alert and an anti-dry function to avoid any damage to the machine.

Unfortunately it cant be cleaned in a dishwasher or immersed in water so you need to clean it with a sponge, rinse it out and wipe dry which is fairly easy to do.

Free Extended 2 Year Warranty – No Registration Required.


The VonShef soup maker is easy to use and most of the customers who have purchased one seem very happy with positive reviews.

Its very competitively priced and looks quite stylish so its worth having a look at if your in the market for a kettle style soup maker.

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Product Details.

    • 1.6 litre capacity, enough for up to six servings.
    • Anti- dry and overflow alert to avoid damage.
    • Speed 1100-2200rpm
    • Motor power 250w.
    • Heating power 800w.
    • Two consistency options, smooth and chunky.
    • Blend function.
    • cooks soup in 20-30 minutes.
    • Makes smoothies, milkshakes and so much more.

Customer reviews for the Vonshef soup maker

“this is the best piece of kitchen equipment i have ever bought .it is great for people on a diet who need to know what is in their soup”

i love this! Great tasting soup down in no time at all. I tired out the leek and potato soup and it was done in 15-20 mins,

This is absolutely fab. I come home from work throw a few ingredients into it I don’t even need to chop them up and in 21 minuets I have great soup.