Electric Jug Blenders

Another appliance that would be very useful when making soup is the jug blender. Thy are a stand alone unit that look like some of the soup makers but unlike those these blenders do not cook the food they only blend. Very simple to use as you place the vegetables that you need to blend into the jug on top of the machine and place the lid on top, if you don’t you will have a scene from a comedy program with food spraying all over you and your kitchen. Depending on which blender it is turn on and press push or turn the knob for the desired length of time and you end up with beautifully blended food to your desired taste.

Once all your ingredients for your soup have been through the blender and have reached the consistency that you require it is then time to cook them using the traditional methods that you always use. Very simple to use and you only have to chop up your vegetables into large chunks and let the machine do the rest.

These machines are a godsend in the kitchen and have hundreds of other uses such as smoothes, liquidising, pureeing, mousses, mayonnaise, sauces, grinding well you get the picture the jug blender is a very versatile kitchen appliance that will serve you well. Small enough to leave on your kitchen worktop or to hide away in a cupboard but powerful enough to do a full range of blending.

Finding the right blender is down to your own personal preference and the uses you want it for but don’t just limit yourself to certain uses be a bit creative, buy a book on blending and experiment.

When I’m looking to buy something I check out customer reviews as I find this is the most important information from real people using the product. With this in mind I have reviewed all the items on this site to help make buying a product that much easier but I do keep to the most popular products that have good star rating from real customers. I hope you find the information on jug blenders helpful and you can make a decision on whether to purchase one that little bit easier.