Duronic BL1200 jug blender

The stylish Duronic BL1200 stainless steel jug blender has a great 1.8 litre capacity glass jug that will allow you to blend and crush in good quantities. It has a variable speed control knob that gives you complete control of  how you wish to blend coupled with its 3 pre set programs that allows you to crush ice make smoothies and also has an auto clean. This robust blender has a powerful 1200w motor that blends efficiently and fast just what you need when making soup.

The unit is made of stainless steel which holds the controls and has led lighting showing that it’s made with quality in mind. The four sided blade is ideal for crushing and blending and the glass jug also incorporates a fill in lid that you add your food or ice as you go. If you are going to crush ice then the best way is to add a small amount at a time.

You can also use this blender to blend hot food but you need to add it in small quantities and only use half of the available capacity but extra precaution must be taken as it lets of a lot of steam. The manufacturer also points out that this is not a commercial blender but a high end consumer blender and offer a 1year warranty.


The Duronic BL1200 jug blender receives a very good 4 stars from real customers who have bought and used it but there have been some problems so read the reviews on Amazon and decide if this is the one for you.

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Product details.

  • Stainless steel body.
  • Glass jug.
  • 1.8 litre capacity.
  • 1200 watt motor.
  • Variable control.
  • 3 pre set programs.
  • Blends.
  • Crushes ice.
  • Auto clean function.

Customer reviews.

“Was looking for a blender to make crushed ice drinks. Read lots of reviews then came across the Duronic 1200, with no reviews at that time. As it has a 1200 motor and was a really good price I thought I’d take a chance. I’m so glad I did. It’s excellent.”

“I have used this blender for a couple of months to grind seeds and liquidise soup etc. It has a wider than average glass bowl which is useful when blending larger items. The self cleaning function works also works well. I am pleased with purchase.”

“Initially we loved our new blender, which makes great smoothies and soups. However the motor has now broken and filled our house with smoke!! It is clear reading recent posts that this blender has an inherent fault which will eventually lead to this outcome!”