Philips HR2160/50 jug blender

The Philips HR2160/50 jug blender is perfect for doing all your blending. Great for blending your fresh homemade soups as well as making fresh juices and delicious smoothies. That not all this kitchen appliance can do and with its 600 watts of power the possibilities are endless.

Featuring long lasting ultra sharp serrated blades that is strong enough to crush ice with just a touch of the ice crush button. Variable speed control and pulse action functions for blending. Just turn the speed control knob to the desired speed you want and watch as the machine blends to the consistency that you desire.

The blender uses a plastic jar that is reinforced and break resistant so no chance of damaging it and ending up with a worktop full of mess. The blender itself is sleek looking design in black with silver trim which would not look out of place in any kitchen.

You can safely add ingredients to the 2 litre jug while the blender is switched on and blending using the measuring cup that is provided, the jug has an effective capacity of 1.5 litres. Another great function is the handy cord storage that keeps it neat when not in use. Easy to clean with detachable blades and detached parts are dishwasher safe.


Although the Philips HR2160/50 gets a four star review from customers it also seems to have a fair few one star reviews so I would not recommend it but why not have a look before you make up your mind.

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Product details.

  • 600 watt motor.
  • Ultra sharp serrated blades.
  • Variable speed.
  • Pulse function.
  • Ice crush button.
  • Reinforced plastic jug.
  • Easy to clean.

Customer reviews.

“This blender is powerful, well designed and easy to use. The plastic jug and 2 litre capacity make it perfect for blending large amounts of hot soup.”

“Have used it to make soups a couple of times. Had a little trouble fitting the jug on to base at first but once I found the knack it works perfectly. Would have preferred glass jug but for the money quite good value.”

“This product was sent back as it left a strong smell and taste of chemicals and plastic in the soup and cocktails I made that had to be thrown away.”