Villaware BLVLLAZ05H jug blender

The Villaware BLVLLAZ05H blender has a highly durable die cast metal body that is very stylish and elegant and very strong. Fitted with a 2 litre capacity square jug with leak proof lid to ensure perfect consistent blending every time without mess. Versatility in preparation with visible measurements on the glass for accuracy and precision pouring.

Variable speed with its 1000 watt motor for perfect blending and a pulse button for short bursts of power giving you extra control. The thermal shock resistant glass jug allows you to go from crushed ice to boiling liquids without having to worry.

The all stainless steel blade has a unique 4 + 2 design that will process even the toughest ingredients but also allows you to do the finest chopped ingredients so whether you want to blend, crush, liquefy, grind or just mix you will this great kitchen appliance will work effortlessly.

For total convenience the parts are dishwasher safe and you receive an instruction manual with recipes just to get you started.


The Villaware blender gets a customer review rating of 4.5 stars so if your looking for a sturdy machine this is defiantly one to go for with its die cast body and glass jug making it a robust blender.

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Product details

  • Die cast metal body.
  • 1000 watt motor.
  • 2 litre capacity square glass jug.
  • Visible measurements.
  • 4 + 2 stainless steel blade design.
  • Thermal shock resistant glass.
  • Leak proof lid.

Customer reviews.

“ I just been using it for a week, and it really is a impressive machine”

“Robust blender very good not noisy would definitely recommend to a friend. My only negative is jug is v heavy”

“We shopped around and researched for days before buying this, and are well-pleased with the result. Excellent machine”