Andrew James 7 in 1 soup maker

The Andrew James 7 in 1 Soup Maker Machine is new to the market.Andrew James is known for it’s quality products and this is no exception.

The machine is capable of blending and cooking your own healthy homemade soups with the ingredients of your choice and it does it automatically in 20 minutes.

Its more than just a soup maker as its 7 in 1 function allows you to not only blend but to grind coffee and nuts, crush ice, steam vegetables,  boil eggs and warm food although the 1100w motor can be a bit noisy in use.

This is a superb stylish kitchen appliance that will sit well in any kitchen environment ready not only make soup but create healthy fruit juice, refreshing smoothies and delicious milkshakes.

If you want to make baby foods then it can be used for that as well as cocktails and sauces. It has a non stick hotplate with a fast heating element for fast cooking that is also easy to clean.

With the soup maker function you can choose two settings chunky if you like to have small pieces of vegetables or smooth if you prefer creamy soup with no chunks.  You can choose your own ingredients to create a nutritious healthy homemade soup for all your family.

The control panel is easy to use with one touch operation and the heat proof jar is easily detached for easy serving. For safety it uses a micro switch which will automatically switch off with overspill and anti dry protection.

You do get other attachments with this soup maker that make it truly multifunctional. The Coffee Grinder attachment not only grinds coffee beans but nuts and spices with it’s powerful motor and serrated blades.

There’s a steamer basket that allows you to steam all types of food from vegetables to fish.

With the Egg Boiler attachment you can boil up to 4 eggs in minutes.



The Andrew James 7 in 1 Soup maker is such a new product that there are few reviews to back up how good it is but going by all their other first class products I cant see this one being any different.

I have given it 4.5 stars going on the strength of the quality that they are known for and it is one that I would recommend putting on your list especially at the price.

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Andrew James 7 in 1 soup maker: Product details

  • 1100w.
  • 7 in 1.
  • One touch operation.
  • Non stick heating plate.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Heat proof jar.
  • Reheat function.
  • Egg boiler attachment.
  • Steamer basket.
  • Recipes included.
  • 2 year guarantee.

Customer reviews.

“This machine is first rate and so easy to use.
It makes soup how you like it – chunky or smooth.
The smoothies turn out fantastic.
Would recommend to anybody – very good value for money.”

“The Andrew James 7 in 1 Soup Maker is absolutely brilliant, I love it. It is sturdy and a good quality product first of all, after having owned flimsy products in the past I am really pleased with the quality of this product, it is very well made.”

“This product is designed so Idiots can work it and live on the best soups, I know I am an idiot, The soups that I have been having in the short time I have had this product have been 100% quality 100% you can not fault it”