Cuisinart SSB1U soup maker review

The Cuisinart SSB1U soup maker and blender is beautifully engineered and robust yet at the same time very stylish so would sit very comfortably on any kitchen worktop.

With its elegant looks in black with silver trim and led control panel you won’t be disappointed with this chic looking all purpose kitchen appliance.

Combines cooking and blending in one although it all adds up this appliance being a bit heavy at 4kg.

Its 1.4 litre capacity hot or 1.75 cold capacity thermal glass jug should be large enough to feed a family of four, it also maintains the temperature after the cooking cycle has finished and has a carry handle so you can pour it straight from the jar into your soup bowls.

Measurements are marked on the front and rear of the jug and it comes with a snugly fitting lid with its own removable measuring cup.

The jug is also big enough to allow you to get to the bottom for easy cleaning but its best to use a brush (not included) rather than a cloth or sponge in case you catch your fingers on the sharp blades which aren’t removable. Unfortunately the jug is not dishwasher safe.

A 30 minute digital timer is used for the cooking duration which can be adjusted as you cook, great if you think your soup needs more time to cook or looks ready.

There are three heat settings to choose from, simmer, low or high for the actual cooking.

The big knob above the digital display controls the blending, you get four speeds and a pulse to play around with.

To the side of the big knob is a button, this controls the stir function.

The Cuisinart SSB1U is a versatile blender that can make delicious healthy homemade soups from start to finish in as little as 20 minutes thanks to its powerful 1000w integrated rapid heating element.

You can also use this soup maker for cold blending, perfect for making homemade sauces and smoothies.

Easy to use, for soups or sauces just add your fresh ingredients and watch as the machine does the rest. This versatile all in one is powerful enough to crush ice thanks to its powerful 500w motor and stainless steel blades.

To make soup using the Cuisinart simply chop and add your base ingredients that need to be sauteed into the the mixing jug after adding a touch of oil, the ingredients sit on the non-stick cooking plate where it will gently soften and brown.

Use the stir function to stop any burning (be aware that the stir function does in fact chop everything up a little bit, because it is basically a slow short blend), add your stock and the rest of your chopped ingredients and bring to the boil to let the fresh ingredients cook thoroughly.

If you want to use meat as an ingredient in your soup this will have to be cooked separately.

Then simply simmer gently until cooked and blend to your desired consistency, serve straight from the glass jug and enjoy.

The Cuisinart SSB1U soup maker comes with a self clean function so there is less washing up.


The Cuisinart SSB1U soup maker is a very well made and versatile machine that does every thing that you would expect and more.

Although the Cuisinart might seem a little pricey for piece of mind it does come with a 3 year guarantee.

It’s not that small so if you’ve got a compact kitchen you should take the trouble to measure it up first (H41 x W22 x D20cm).

At just over four stars from customer reviews this is definitely one to be considered if it fits in with your budget.

If you like shiny new kitchen gadgets that you use once and then store it in a cupboard never to be used again then save your money.

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Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker: Product details

  • This great unit can cook fresh soup in as little as 20 minutes.
  • The heating element is powerful for fast heat up.
  • The cooking plate is non-stick so great for sauteing.
  • When cooking has finished the thermal glass jar will maintain the temperature.
  • There’s an audible beep at the end of the cooking cycle.
  • The capacity for hot liquid and soup is 1.4L and cold liquid is 1.75L.
  • It has a self clean feature.
  • The stainless steel blades are powerful for perfect blending.
  • There are four speed settings and one for pulse.
  • For mixing ingredients whilst cooking it has a stir button.
  • The lid is triple sealed for safe blending.
  • 3 year guarantee.
  • Finished in black/silver.
  • 4kg in weight.
  • It has a 1000 watt motor.
  • H 410mm W220mm D200mm.

Customer reviews

“The Cuisinart ssb1u Soup Maker has revolutionized the way I make soup, sauces, and smoothies.”

“Once you know how to use this equipment it is a really useful way of making soup and other dishes.”

“I didn’t know what to expect,but this does everything it says it does.Perfect wholesome soups in no time at all.”

“This is great value for money as you can make hot and cold drinks. It is perfect for making smoothies and isn’t too loud.”


Although the vast majority raved about this Cuisinart soup maker there were some negative reviews which included that this is not a machine that you add the ingredients, turn on and walk away from. You do have to keep an eye on it and perform functions whilst its cooking.

Cleaning is another subject that pops up and the cooking plate burning is mentioned although even some of the negative reviews are impressed with how well it cooks soup.

Customers were very impressed with the quality of the appliance which should last well and commented that it does exactly what it was made to do.

We suggest you check out the reviews on Amazon yourself and you will see if this is the soup maker for you. Read reviews.



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