Good Ideas 998 soup maker

Do you desire fresh, nutritious and health soups. With the Good Ideas 998 soup maker this all becomes a reality.

How easy is it to put your fresh ingredients whether its vegetables or meat into the jug add water or stock then simply press the button and let the machine do the rest, it will chop blend and simmer to produce perfect soups with out all the mess.

So no having to get out your chopping board, saucepans, Knives etc and a lot less washing up.

Do you still want to have tinned or packet soups when you can create delicious fresh homemade soups that are nutritious and packed with vitamins and minerals and all a lot cheaper than if purchased the processed soups from the shop.

You choose what goes into your soup and the Good Ideas Pro will make you soups in what ever consistency you require whether its smooth or chunky or maybe something in-between, your in charge.


The Good Ideas 998 soup maker pro looks like it has all the ingredients for being a great machine but the customer reviews are split with only three an a half stars, the main problem being that its easy to burn the cooking plate and is flimsy, good price but i would look elsewhere .

For even more information and customer reviews click on link below:

Good Ideas 998 soup maker: Product details

    • Multi-function.
    • Blender.
    • Ice crusher.
    • 1.7L capacity.
    • Egg steamer.
    • Measuring cup.
    • Brush and sponge.
    • 2year guarantee.

What customers have said

“I love this soup maker, it is so easy to use”

“At the first use my ingredients stuck to the element at the bottom, leaving my tomato soup with a burnt flavour.”

“This item is of very poor quality. From the moment you pick up the, incredibly light, package you’ll know it.”


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