Prolectrix soup maker

As easy as one, two, three, that’s the message from the makers of the Prolectrix soup maker.

This simple to use machine is very easy to get to grip with as it boils and cooks soup to perfection.

Just add the ingredients of your choice to make a delicious healthy homemade soup.

Select your consistency and in just 20-30 minutes you will have great tasting homemade soup ready to serve piping hot.

Not only does it make soup but can also be used as a blender to make dips and smoothies.

It has a capacity of 1.3L-1.6L enough  to feed up to six people and 1000w of power made up with 800w heating element and 200w blender and all this in an appliance about the size of a kettle.

There are just three buttons to use, one for puree which will give you lovely smooth soup, one for chunky soup and the final one is blend/clean so not to complicated to figure out.

There is also an intelligent control system that prevents dry burning and over-spill and a safety control that wont let activation if the lid is not secure.

Very easy to clean as the heating element is situated under the stainless steel bucket. The appliance is made with stainless steel for hygiene as well as longevity.


The Prolectrix soup maker gets just 3 1/2 stars from customers who have purchased and used this very useful kitchen appliance.

If your after the convenience of making soup without all the pots, pans and blender then this is for you but there have been some complaints about the base burning and the soup maker not working so proceed with caution.

For more information, customer reviews and the latest price click on the link below.

Prolectrix soup maker: Product details.

  • 1000w power.
  • 800w heating element.
  • 200w blending.
  • 1.3L-1.6L capacity.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Three settings, puree, chunky and blend/clean.
  • Safety control to prevent activation.
  • Intelligent control to stop burning and over-spill

Customer reviews.

“I had never been a great soup maker until I bought this machine—now I look what fresh vegetables I need to use up—and that’s it–it is quite amazing what variety of soup you can create at very low cost, with no additives or colouring.”

“what a pleasure to be able to make soup in one machine and in less than 30 minutes my lunches are solved now without the need to use umpteen different pots,pans,jugs and processor”

“I love this soup maker, its so quick and easy to use. Simply chop the veg, add stock to the max level and switch it on. 30 mins later – your soup is made.”


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