Russell Hobbs 21480 soup maker

The Russell Hobbs 21480 Soup maker has everything you need to make fresh homemade soup in as little as 25 minutes.

This stylish machine can also be used as a blender and has 8 functions to choose from.

Easy to use, just add your ingredients and choose one of the programs below.

Using the chunky soup function the soup maker will heat for 35 minutes and then blend for 13 seconds giving you just the right consistency.

When making smooth soup it will heat for 25 minutes and then blend for 60 seconds for creamy soup.

On both settings when finished the unit will beep and will keep the soup warm for 40 minutes.

There are 2 pre-set blender functions to choose from and both blend for two minutes at a time, one is low speed for general blending and the other is high speed for making delicious chilled milkshakes and smoothies.

You also have a manual blend button that only blends whilst held down. If you want to crush ice don’t worry there’s a function for that as well.

Other functions include a sauce button that heats and stirs for 60 minutes before turning off and a boil/steam button that heats for 18 minutes until boiling then keeps warm for 40 minutes.

If you have meat or vegetables that need to be browned you can do that by adding a knob of butter or oil to the jug before adding the ingredients and using the boil/steam button to brown.

Once browned add the rest of your ingredients and choose the function you require

The stainless steel jug holds a maximum of 1.75lt for cold ingredients and 1.4lt for soup and you get a measuring cup that fits in the lid.

You can add extra ingredients at any time by removing the cup from the lid which will allow you to add your ingredients without taking off the lid but remember to replace the cup.

The heating element is 800 watts and the motor is 400 watts.


The Russell Hobbs 21480 Soup maker is new to the market at the time of writing this review so only time will tell if it gets to be a best seller or has any problems but with such a well known manufacturer I’m sure its more likely to sell well.

For more information and the latest price click on the link below.

Russell Hobbs 21480 soup maker: Product details

  • Choice of 8 programs.
  • 400 watt motor.
  • 800 watt heating element.
  • 1.75lt cold capacity.
  • 1.4lt hot capacity.
  • Stainless steel jug.
  • ‘Keep Warm’ function.


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