Swan gourmet soup maker

The Swan gourmet soup maker will make delicious homemade soup that you can be proud of.

The machine has a rapid heating element that will  boil all your liquids and will simmer soups.

The cooking plate will brown all your vegetables and is also  non-stick.

With this blender you do have to chop your ingredients finely before adding to the blender jug.

If you  want to use  meat in your soup you need to cook it separately and add it at the end as Swan  does not recommend cooking meat in this unit.

There are two parts were you add your ingredients to the jug, inside the screen and outside the screen of the jug.

Add your liquids go inside the screen and any of the vegetables that you don’t want blended go outside the screen for extra texture.

Once you’ve added the ingredients of your choice you then add your stock and simply press the on button and then the soup button then wait for 25 minutes while  your healthy homemade soup is made.


The Swan gourmet soup maker looks like a conventional soup maker but you do need to finely chop all your ingredients and you have to cook meats separately and add to the soup at the end maybe that’s why customers are only give it 3 1/2 stars, a bit more complicated than some but a good price so worth a look.

For even more information and customer reviews click on link below:

Swan gourmet soup maker: Product Details

    • 800w of power.
    • capacity of 1.5L.
    • Heater built-in.
    • Pre-programmed with heating and blending.
    • For blending it has a pulse option.
    • Great for smoothies and juices.
    • Recipe book included.
    • CDWM game.

What customers have said about the Swan SP18010N.

“bought this soup maker after reading the reviews, its fantastic so easy and quick”

“I was hoping I could switch this on and go about
my daily chores with a soup ready for lunch at the drop of a hat, but sadly no”


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