Tefal Easy Soup Automatic Soup Maker

The 1.2 litre Tefal Easy Soup automatic soup maker follows a range of jug blenders on the market that uses a built-in heating element to cook your food while it blends, resulting in fresh, homemade soups without the hassle.

They have made a valiant effort of making an ordinary jug style soup maker look stylish with a gleaming stainless steel body topped with chrome-effect lid and gleaming white plastic parts.

It has a 100cm detachable power cable which makes storage a bit easier, a chunky carrying handle and a lift up handle for removing the lid.
The machine has been designed with simplicity in mind with just two buttons to start the cooking process of your choice and a beep to let you know when it’s finished, all you need to do is add the ingredients of your choice and let the Easy Soup to do all the hard work for you.

It has four colour coded cooking programs situated in the lid which include smooth, chunky, compote and blend enabling you to create a range of dishes, drinks and accompaniments. The lid contains the motor and the blending blades but doesn’t lock into position so be careful not to knock it over.

It is double insulated so your food will stay hot and it also has a keep-warm function that simmers your soup for up to 40 minutes after it’s finished cooking.

It’s been designed to be quick and easy to use, just roughly chop your ingredients, although meat will have to be cooked separately, then add them and water or stock into the jug up to the max mark and replace the lid, choose your program and press start and your soup will be ready in about 25 minutes depending on the program.


The Tefal Easy Soup also comes with an easy 3 minute cleaning program that aims to reduce your washing up and a recipe book with 30 different soup, smoothie and dessert recipes to get you started.



The Tefal Easy Soup Automatic Soup Maker has come to the party a bit late but its been well worth the wait, customer reviews are good and it deserves the 4.5 stars that it’s been awarded. Don’t be fooled by the name, the Easy soup may be a soup-maker, but it’s also great for making cold smoothies or fruit compote if you use the blend function.

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Product Details


  • Capacity 1.2litres.
  • 1000w.
  • Weight 2.2kg.
  • Four colour coded cooking programs.
  • Self cleaning function.
  • Detachable power cord.
  • H34 x W22 x D16cm.
  • Insulated with dual layer walls.
  • Recipe book.

Customer Reviews


“This machine has transformed the process of making fresh homemade soup. You basically through in the ingredients and it processes and cooks them at the touch of a button.”

“This soup maker couldn’t make the job of fresh soup any easier.
You put your ingredients in, select from one of 4 programs and then it takes over”

“This is absolutely brilliant;throw in your ingredients,add water,switch on 30 minutes later Hey Presto! (or pesto) you have soup.It’s great for using up leftovers”