VonShef soup maker

With the VonShef soup maker you are able to make your delicious homemade soup with ingredients of your choosing so that you control what goes into your fresh and healthy soup.

This is all done in as little as 20minutes as this great little machine will automatically cook and blend your veg into the exact consistency that you desire.

That’s not all this superb multi-function appliance can do, it will also blend and cook, it’s a steamer and a boiler you can use it as a soya maker and a sauce maker you can make beautiful smoothie’s or use it to make cocktails it can even crush the ice for you.

Iit can be used as a reheater and an egg boiler using the egg steamer attachment that comes with it, that’s how versatile this once owned never be without kitchen appliance is.

You also get a free Hamlyn 200 super soups colour cookbook by Sara Lewis just to get you started off, it is full of clear instructions and beautiful photographs all to get you inspired into making delicious healthy homemade soups that you can be proud of.


The VonShef soup maker is truly a great multi-function unit that can do the lot, a bit noisy and the jug is not glass but so far it has a four star review from customers and at the price seems excellent value.

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VonShef soup maker: Product Details.

  • The capacity is good at 1.7L.
  • It is finished in chrome.
  • The motor is 300W.
  • Heater is 800W-900W.
  • A detachable jug for easy serving.
  • Comes with free brush and scrub.
  • Free cookbook.
  • Egg steamer attachment.
  • Multi-function controls.
  • Safety controls: Over-spill, Safety Cover, built in micro-switch.

Customer Reviews.

“bought for elderly father to allow him to make smaller amounts of healthy soup so needed to be simple –  a bit noisy when it blends but otherwise no issues and makes either a nice chunky or smooth soup according to preference.”

“Habtat Electric Soup Maker is brilliant. Tried many shops and only found very expensive soup makers,Can thoroughly recommend this item.”

“what a great item working well and makes great soup, just fill and press and your done with in 20 mins.”


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