Waring pro WSM1U soup maker

The Waring pro WSM1U soup maker has been designed to look good in any kitchen environment with it’s stylish black and brushed- steel finish and large digital display.

This easy to use appliance has all the functions to make homemade soup fast and without all the mess.

This versatile all-in-one soup making machine produces delicious fresh homemade soup in as little as 20 minutes from start to finish and will brown your onions or garlic all within two minutes.

For cooking, add the ingredients that need to be sauteed first, using the stir function to keep things from sticking to the hotplate.

Add the rest of the ingredients and stock, let the unit rapidly brings all your ingredients to the boil and then simmer to allow all the ingredients to cook fully.

When finished four beeps will sound and the unit will turn of automatically.

For all your blending needs the Waring pro WSM1U can blend to the perfect consistency and is also ideal for purees and is powerful enough to crush ice.

For cleaning use the Waring pro soup makers self clean feature, just add a small amount of clean water and detergent to the jug and set the blender on the lowest setting and the soup maker will clean itself so less washing up, a real bonus.


The Waring pro WSM1U soup maker is excellent for making soups as it sautes, cooks, blends and simmers with ease, also great for purees and crushed ice, so far with customer reviews of four stars it is well liked, price is very competitive so well worth a look.

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Waring pro WSM1U soup maker: Product details.

  • The Waring pro WSM1U  will make delicious fresh homemade soup using raw ingredients in as little as 20 minutes.
  • The non-stick cooking plate heats up in seconds thanks to the 1000W element.
  • For total control you have three heat settings for low high and simmer.
  • To mix your ingredients use the built in stir function.
  • The powerful 500W blender has four speed settings plus a pulse setting for perfect consistency.
  • Perfect for making smoothes and crushed ice.
  • Enough for four servings with its 1.4L glass jar.
  • Countdown timer and easy to use controls.
  • For complete control when blending it has a triple seal lid.
  • 3 year guarantee.
  • Beautiful in black and silver.

Customer Reviews.

“I got one of these as a birthday gift,its great,simple to use and easy to clean.just load it up,turn it on and hot tasty soup in 20 mins, best birthday gift iv’e had in ages, couldn’t live without it.”

“So easy to use and makes delicious soup. No more canned soup for me.
Brilliant product.”

“Does an excellent job and is simple to use and clean. Would certainly recommend this one.”