Breville VTP105 slow cooker

The stylish black Breville slow cooker with a 4.5 litre capacity is perfect for the small family. This would make a great addition to your kitchen gadgets and will cook delicious homemade curries, stews, casseroles and of course soup. Prepare the meal in the morning and you can then go out for the day and return in the evening to be greeted to a fully cooked hot wholesome meal ready to serve and enjoy.

Choose one of the three cooking settings that suit your cooking needs these consists of a high setting that will cook your food in about four hours. If you select the low setting then your meal will be cooked in about eight hours which is perfect if you out at work for the day. There is also an auto setting that starts cooking on high and the automatically turns it down to the low setting.

It has a tempered glass lid so that you can keep an eye on your foods progress and cool touch handles so that you don’t burn your hands. Another great aspect of this slow cooker is that you can take the ceramic bowl out of the cooker and take it straight to the table to serve.

Other benefits of using a slow cooker is that its less likely to overcook the food and you can use the cheapest cuts of meat as it tenderises the meat and brings out the flavours. Very economical to use and less washing up as your only using one piece of equipment.


The Breville VTP105 slow cooker gets a 4.5 star rating based on actual customer reviews from customers that have bought and used one. Perfect for the small family and very easy to use means that i would highly recommend buying one.

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Product details.

  • Stylish black in colour.
  • 4.5 litre capacity.
  • Low setting.
  • High setting.
  • Auto setting.
  • Removable ceramic bowl.
  • Tempered glass lid.
  • Cool touch handles.

Customer reviews.

”  I wish I had bought one of these cookers earlier. It is so easy to use and the food always tastes great. The first time I cooked a whole chicken in it, I could not believe how much better it tasted than conventional oven cooking.”

“For a family of 5 on the go, it’s essential to get good meals, prepared ahead of time, that don’t need watching”

“Excellent slow cooker. This is the first slow cooker I have ever used/owned and I would definitely recommend it. It’s very easy to use and store – the ceramic inner pot lifts out easily and the body of the cooker is very light and fits on a cupboard shelf.”