Morphy Richards 47810 slow cooker

The Morphy Richards 47810 oval slow cooker has a capacity of 3.5 litres which is of a medium size adequate for a family meal. Using this cooker your able to produce delicious homemade soup as well as stews, broths, casseroles. hot pots and curry’s.  All you need to do is add your ingredients of your choice and after switching to the desired setting you can leave it unattended while you get on with whatever you need to.

The cooking process is great for the traditional cheaper tougher cuts of meat as it traps the condensation which then acts as a self baster the result is succulent and tender meat. The nutrients are also locked in because the lid prevents the loss of water so your vegetables will absorb the stock giving them a fuller and healthier flavour.

Although the idea is to cook for hours on end the low power consumption is less than a traditional oven meaning cheaper electricity bills. With 3 settings low medium and high it gives you the option of how long you want to cook for which is ideal if you want to go to work and have a hot meal when you get home.

The toughened glass lid lets you see what your cooking without letting the heat escape and the removable ceramic pot are both dishwasher proof.

The oval shaped stainless steel cooker has non slip feet for stability and cool touch handles making it easy to handle.


The Morphy Richards 48710 slow cooker receives an excellent 4.5 stars from customers who have bought and used it. This is a best seller on Amazon and who am i to argue. I would defiantly have this on the top of my list.

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Product details.

  • 3.5 litre capacity.
  • Low medium and high settings.
  • Removable ceramic pot.
  • Toughened glass lid.
  • Cool touch handles.


Customer reviews.


“I have owned this for a year now with absolutely no complaints. It cooks perfectly everytime and is small enough for cooking a meal for 2 but large enough for family size meals.”

“Investing in a slow cooker has made a big difference to us all and it’s now part of our routine. I can’t compare it with others as I haven’t tried anything else, but my Morphy Richards Slow Cooker has been fab.”

“This was a bit of an impulse buy nearly a year ago, but probably my most successful impulse buy ever. It gets used a couple of times every week and produces fabulous results.”