Whats the differance between soup and stew

Is stew a thick soup or is soup a thin stew? In reality they there is not much difference between soup and stews. They both use the same ingredients, in fact i would say that the only difference between the two is that soup it more of a liquid than a stew which is a lot thicker. Think of it this way, if you had a plate you would be able to serve a stew up without it pouring over the edge because of the fact its so thick but try this with soup and you would end up with a right mess as it spilled over the edges and onto the table because its so thin although they both came out of the same pot.

Having said all that i have seen recipes for soups that are really thick and stews that are really runny. So how do we define which is which, well a stew is by its own definition is stewed/cooked for a longer period of time than a soup which can be made very quickly depending on the recipe.

Another way of distinguishing between the two are the size of the ingredients with soups usually have smaller bite sized vegetables/meat that can be eaten with a spoon while stews have much larger sized vegetables/meat needing a knife and fork to cut it up before eating.

Soups can be eaten hot or cold and in some cases can be served as a dessert while stews are always eaten hot. Soups are often served as a starter or side dish although you can have it as a main dish while stews are always served as a main dish.

They are both hearty meals in their own right but a stew is more filling while a soup could be considered a lighter meal. So the answer to the question ”  Whats the difference between soup and stew” its simple, its all down to the way you cook the ingredients.

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